Jordanian MB: Govt’s Allegations Against Hamas Lack Evidence

Gameel Abu Bakr, the Deputy General Counselor of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Jordan, questioned the Jordanian Government’s allegations accusing Hamas of storing arms in Jordan saying, “We are surprised to learn of these allegations and the timing they were brought up right before a visit by Palestinian foreign minister to Jordan to rally support for his government. The official Jordanian statement lack many details and has no merit. There is no evidence, so far, to support these baseless allegations which come in a very sensitive time for the Palestinian government when it needed all the support”.

Mr. Abu Bakr also clarified that Hamas has taken a strategic decision since the 1990s not to use Jordan for arms deliveries or use weapons on Jordanian soil. “We have not changed that tactical decision even when the Intifada was at its fieriest time , so why would do it now?!” he asked. 

Mr. Abu Gameel warned against attempts to undermine the relations between Palestine and Jordan “It is not in the best interest for Palestine or Jordan to allow any strain of the ties between the two nations especially at this critical time. Hamas is seeking good relations with all different Arab regimes. The Jordanian people refuse to benefit the “Zionist enemy” by allowing their country to be used as a tool to pressure the Palestinian government” he stated

Hamas denies storing arms in Jordan                             (al

a Jordanian government spokesman said security forces had seized rocket launchers and other weapons from a Hamas arms cache.  A visit by the new Palestinian foreign minister and senior Hamas leader, Mahmoud al-Zahar, was scrapped as a result.  Hamas spokesman, Sami Abu Zuhri, on Wednesday said: "These accusations are false and completely contradict the well-known Hamas attitude that it does not intervene … in the internal affairs of other countries."

We regret the way the Jordanian government used (this) to justify the cancellation of the visit by Palestinian Foreign Minister Mahmoud al-Zahar at the last moment," Abu Zuhri said.
The Palestinian deputy prime minister, Nasser al-Shaer, also from Hamas, said the new government was not involved.
"We have no information about this incident and we are certain the brethren in Jordan will find out the Palestinians are not involved in such acts," Shaer told Reuters.