Jordanian MB Dissatisfied With Bush’s Visit

The Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood denounced president Bush’s visit to Amman which will begin on Wednesday November 29,2006. In a statement it released Tuesday, a copy of which was posted Ikhwanweb, the group said that the US administration led by President Bush is held responsible for the heinous brutalities and the destruction in Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan

The group called on the Jordanian people to voice their dissatisfaction with this visit as well as condemnation of the US administration and its aggression, by participation in various activities against the wars. It also appealed to the Arab and Muslim Nation as well as all free world to reject this aggression and condemn it, and back the oppressed peoples by work to support them and liberate them from the grip of tyranny and hegemony spearheaded by the US. It is worth mentioning that the visit paid by president Bush is to last for two days where he is scheduled to meet with Jordanian King Abdullah II, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al Maleki, as well as other officials to discuss the latest developments on the Iraqi arena.