Jordanian MB Honors Jerusalem Archbishop

The Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Salem Farahat and its Executive Bureau received the Archbishop of Palestine Attalla Hanna and his delegates during their visit to Jordon

Attended by a number of government officials, political and community leaders,the group arranged a party to honor the Archbishop at its General Center.
In his address, the Brotherhood’s chairman stressed that the Islamic movement considers Muslims and Christians one fabric of culture and civilization who share the same destiny. He cited the support of some Copts for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt during their battle against the Israeli occupation of Sinai Peninsula. He, in addition, commended the positive stances of the Archbishop against Zionist plots in Jerusalem, describing him as ’ a sincere and articulate mouthpiece who adheres to the absolute truth and the rooted belongingness for this nation’.

’We are proud that the Islamic movement denied our enemies the opportunity during the construction of this country and long time before, over the history of the Islamic civilization since the dawn of Islam, and since the liberation form Roman and Persian occupation.’

On his part, the Chief of the Orthodox Central Council in Jordan and Palestine,Rao’f Abu Gabr, thanked the group for its hospitality, asserting the necessity for keeping the sense of unity among Muslims and Christians.