Jordanian MB Praises it Egyptian Counterpart’s Role in Shaping Country’s Future

Jordanian MB Praises it Egyptian Counterpart’s Role in Shaping Country’s Future

Announcing its continued support to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhoodm leader of Jordan’s Islamic Action Front (IAF) stressed that it was vital that the MB, Egypt’s most powerful political force, to continue to play a significant role in Egypt’s future politics after decades of oppression by previous governments.

Dr. Hammam Saeed, comptroller for the Jordnian MBm congratulated the group on the opening of its new headquarter citing that since the fomer ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) was dissolved the MB is believed to be the best organized political group in the country. He called on the group to continue to play a leading role in Egypt’s emerging political life.

He stressed that while the Brotherhood’s role in the uprising was subdued, it was vital to the sunccess of the country’s revolution, adding the group should continue as expected to be a major contending political force in the country’s crucial months ahead. He announced the IAF’s unrelenting support to the MB which for decades has taken a stand against brutality by previous regime, describing Egypt as the centre of the MB’s political arms activities.

He stressed that regardless of how international powers respond, after Mubarak the MB is a part of Egypt’s future and a positive force to be reckoned with.

Addressing the Egyptians, Saeed stated that the Egyptian MB will continue to be an inspiration to the Arab world with its intent on advancing and progressing the country, through advocating and promoting peace, equality, justice for al,l and respecting the will of the people.