Jordanian royal committee warns of IOA scheme to open two tunnels under the Aqsa

Jordanian royal committee warns of IOA scheme to open two tunnels under the Aqsa

The Royal Jordanian committee for Jerusalem affairs has warned that the Israeli occupation authority was planning to open two tunnels under the Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem.

The committee”s secretary general Abdullah Kanan said in a press release that the IOA continued attempts to open tunnels and initiate new excavations that target changing the Aqsa”s landmarks and to control the holy site one way or another.

The IOA is slated to open two new tunnels one in Silwan and the other in Wad area in the old city of Jerusalem and has announced plans to build 32 new housing units in occupied Jerusalem.

Kanan said that Israel was trying to impose a new de facto situation on the holy city and to accelerate its judaization attempts to turn Jerusalem into the united capital of Israel believing that its strength coupled with the unlimited American support would force an Arab and international acceptance of that situation.

The secretary general denounced the IOA violations in the occupied city, and charged that it was challenging the international community and violating international resolutions and agreements.

Stability would not prevail in the region as long as the IOA violations of Islamic holy sanctities persisted, he said, adding that peace could be only reached with the return of Jerusalem and its Islamic and Christian landmarks to its rightful Arab owners and to serve as the capital of the future Palestinian state. He also appealed to the Arabs and Muslims to assume their role in protecting the holy places in Jerusalem.

Jordan supervises the Islamic Awkaf (endowments) in Jerusalem since 1952 and employs around 750 employees in Jerusalem for that purpose.