Jordan’s IAF: Gov’t Targets us

The head of the Jordan’s IAF’s Shura Council in Jordan accused the government of maintaining its policy of repressing the Islamic movement.
Hamza Mansour, the head of the Shura Council of the Islamic Action Front Party, the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood offshoot in Jordan, accused in a speech the government of ” maintaining its policy of using various forms in repressing the Islamic movement “, citing ” suspending the administrative body of the Islamic complex charity society, and investigating with more than twenty of its workers, and curbing its activities without any tangible justification for this”.
The Islamic Action Front’s (IAF) Shura Council discussed on Saturday evening the IAF’s possible participation in the coming parliamentary and Municipal elections, while inaugurating the third round of the fifth Shura Council; the IAF’’s Shura Council hasn’t taken a decision on whether to participate in or boycott the coming parliamentary elections scheduled next November, while the IAF decided to take part in the coming Municipal elections scheduled next July.
For his part, Zaki Bin Arsheed, the IAF’s Secretary-General, told Ikhwanweb that:” The attempted political blockade on the Islamic movement to weaken it along with other national powers aim at gaining more ground in the legislative and municipal elections”.
Bin Arsheed added that the crisis of the Arab regimes” stems from the piling up of failure and corruption, monopolizing power, influence and wealth, in addition to repressing freedoms, violating citizens rights, foiling attempts for a domestic reform, preventing a real popular participation in taking decisions and running the country who has become more isolated and its political decision is under supervision of foreign powers and imperialist states”.
Bin Arshid confirmed the Islamists are fought because they constitute a strong opposition movement that faces the corruption of the Jordanian ruling regime; definitely, most Arab dictatorial regimes exercise repression against their opponents, Islamists, leftists or others, to exclude them and so that these regimes gain more authoritarian power without any popular or party supervision.
In a related context, Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood Shura Council, the highest leading body in the Islamic movement, decided to ” delay taking a decision on the movement’s attitude towards participating in the parliamentary elections.