Jordan’s IAF Yet to Decide on Parliamentary Elections, Demands Real Guarantees

Jordan’s IAF Yet to Decide on Parliamentary Elections, Demands Real Guarantees

Zaki Bin Arsheed, the secretary general of the Islamic Action Front Party (IAF) said that they are yet to decide on whether to take part in the parliamentary elections and that there are several voices inside the group demanding a boycott unless Jordanian government gives sufficient guarantees to secure fairness of the election process.


Jordanian King Abdullah II”s decision of dissolving the 14th House of Representatives, and ordering government to set a date for the parliamentary elections, has opened the door wide for scenarios of the next stage on the effect of an escalating crisis between government and the Islamists since the municipal elections which were held late last July.


The Islamists demand the government provide guarantees before they decide to run for the next parliamentary elections, specially after thirty three Islamic candidates withdrew on the voting day of the latest municipal elections, after accusing the government of rigging.


Politicians expect that the parliamentary elections for the fifteenth House will be held late next November, but the Muslim Brotherhood is still doubted.


The Secretary-General of the Islamic Action Front Zaki Bin Arsheed pointed out that there are many voices inside the Muslim Brotherhood group calling for boycotting the parliamentary elections like their boycott to the last municipal elections.


Bin Arsheed attributed this attitude to the huge riggings committed in municipal elections which they the group called for boycotting a few hours after the voting process started.


Bin Arsheed said that:” The rigging in the municipal elections increased the number of those skeptical about the benefit of taking part in the next parliamentary elections, not only inside the Muslim Brotherhood, but among the various social and political powers.


Bin Arsheed added:” We want guarantees that fair parliamentary elections will be held. Otherwise, it is useless to participate as long as the government that rigged the municipal elections remains in power”.


Bin Arsheed denied that the Islamists have decided to participate, saying:” Offering guarantees is the government’s issue. What happened requires guarantees from the government that they won’t be committed again ” .


Bin Arsheed pointed out that the guarantees demanded by Jordan”s Muslim Brotherhood are that the election process moves in an atmosphere of transparency and democracy and that the regime remains neutral and not to intervene in any stage of the election process .

Bin Arsheed confirmed that the principle of participation in the election process is a constant principle inside the Muslim Brotherhood group. However, there are some changes in political life that oblige us take attitudes against this principle.


Bin Arsheed confirmed that the group’s decisions are collectively issued with participation of all its members in any decision, especially important decisions like the decision of taking part in or boycotting elections.


Bin Arsheed pointed out also that the MB branches all over Jordan picked their candidates for the next parliamentary elections two months ago.

Last week’s meeting of the Muslim Brotherhood Shura Council witnessed prolonged debates over the decision of participating or boycotting.


The Islamists blame the notorious election law called” One Vote” the responsibility for spawning Houses that do not represent people in a real way, accusing the government of tailoring election bill laws that mainly aim to curb the MB popularity.