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  • July 27, 2007
  • 2 minutes read

Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood Fields 2 Women for Municipal Vote

The Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan declared its slate for the municipal elections of Al Zarqa, a stronghold of the Islamic movement. The slate included six candidates, including two women. The Islamic movement officially one more woman in the elections of Great Amman Secretariat board for Telaa Al Ali region, to raise to 13 the number of its candidates in Amman.
Saud Abu Mahfouz, a member of the executive office of the Muslim Brotherhood, and its candidate for running Al Zarqa Municipality presidency, said:” The movement has fully prepared its slate for Al Zarqa Municipal elections”, as it will field six candidates to compete on six seats out of the 12 seats of Al Zarqa Municipal Council, 50 % of the municipality”s seats, in addition to its candidate for heading the the municipality.
The movement”s slate for Al Zarq elections includes candidates:
Walid Abou Abda, for the first constituency in Al Zarqa.
Mohamed Hassan Al Qaryouti, for the second constituency
Iman Al Shalabi, for the third constituency.
Darwish Abul Sukkar, for the fourth constituency.
Wael Al Batayna, for the fifth constituency
Sozan Al-Kholaifat, for the sixth constituency .
The slate of Islamic candidates for Al Zarqa Municipality, Jordan”s second most populous city after the capital Amman ( more than one million citizens), is the first slate to be declared by the Islamic movement.
The movement”s other slates are expected to be declared before end of the period of nominating for the municipal elections, scheduled to be July, 22-24.