Journalist, 8 Students to Prosecution

Journalist, 8 Students to Prosecution

Al-Dustour Independent Daily journalist and author of blog Hossam Al-Hendi will appear before Helwan District prosecution with other 8 Helwan Univ. students today’s morning.
Al-Hendi detained on the background of covering thuggery and intimidation works by the state-appointed student union members inside the campus yesterday. Politically-speaking, this reflects how the regime reveres and supports the so-called freedom of the press. Moreover, detention of the other 8 students for their affiliation to some opposition groups like Revolutionary Socialists and Muslim Brotherhood stands as a clear demonstration to the regime’s intolerance with its peaceful dissent.
Worth-mentioning, eye-witnesses and photos asserted that even Helwan Univ. president was on the scene for having an OK over detention.