• April 8, 2013
  • 2 minutes read

Journalists for Reform: Journalists are Primary Targets of Counter-Revolution

Journalists for Reform: Journalists are Primary Targets of Counter-Revolution

Journalists For Reform (JFR) Movement condemns a vicious attack on Bishoy Wassef, editor of ‘Al-Shorouk’ newspaper and website, in which the journalist sustained birdshot injury to his neck and should during clashes outside the Coptic cathedral in Cairo.

The JFR emphasizes that journalists have been targeted, both by the Mubarak regime before its ouster and by Mubarak loyalists after the revolution. The JFR pointed that everyone who opposed Mubarak has become a target, and that all journalists, whatever the organizations or establishments they work for and whatever their political or ideological colors, became such targets after they helped ignite the revolution, and supported it during the transitional period.

The JFR holds enemies of the revolution responsible for active involvement in the current wave of violent attacks aimed at tearing the social fabric of the one nation of Egypt and exacting revenge against journalists through armies of thugs, provocateurs and mercenaries.

The JFR further condemns the continuing police and security weakness in the face of systematic criminal offenses that recur in every incident, without deterrent, accountability or punishment. The JFR stresses the importance of action by the Journalists’ Syndicate to find a quick and definitive solution to stop the bloodshed.

In conclusion, the JFR calls on Al-Azhar and the Church as well as all patriotic revolutionary movements and forces, that already see the counter-revolution plot, to also realize that violence among Egyptians and igniting strife at a place the size and stature of Cairo’s Cathedral of Abbassiya can only be designed to sabotage and cause chaos and provocation.

The JFR confirms that the targeting of mosques and churches is a heinous crime, and that attempts to calm the situation made by young Muslims and Christians reflect the true nature of the real revolutionary Egyptian people.