Journalists For Reform: Rebel Responsible for Killing of US Journalist Friday

Journalists For Reform: Rebel Responsible for Killing of US Journalist Friday

Journalists for Reform (JFR) movement condemned continuing attacks by opposition thugs in Egypt on journalists and media workers, which led to the death of a US photojournalist on Friday at the hands of a thug who evidently belonged to the Rebel movement – witnesses confirmed – in Alexandria.

JFR condemned media and press institutions affiliated with the opposition, which persisted in pursuing treacherous policies of providing media cover for acts of violence and destruction, and described them as clashes and protests. JFR stressed that crimes will not be transformed by deceit or duplicity.

Moreover, JFR emphasized that excessive violence did not differentiate between people, nor did it respect any domestic or international laws that guarantees protection for local as well as international journalists, stressing that the opposition political cover for heinous violent crimes is totally reprehensible.

JFR demanded an explanation from leaders of the National Salvation Front and Rebel movement to clarify to local and international public opinion their insistence on adopting violence and providing political and media cover for lynching, killing, systematic sabotage and wanton violence against all Egyptians, including local and foreign journalists.

JFR further stressed the need for security apparatus to provide full protection for local and international journalists, prevent acts of violence and thuggery against them, and not to take illegal stance with regard to such violent crimes, adding that these crimes have no statute of limitations.