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  • September 1, 2010
  • 2 minutes read

Journalists protest against military trial of workers

Journalists protest against military trial of workers

Political forces organized a protest in solidarity with workers from Factory 99-Harbi (Helwan Company for Engineering Industries). The demonstration was held in front of the Egyptian Press Syndicate to protest trying civilian workers before military tribunals, and to repeal the amendment to Law No. 138/ 2010 and suspend its administrative decisions.

Protesters chanted slogans condemning the supposedly failed policy of Sayed Mashaal, Minister for Military production, slamming the decision to refere the innocent workers for a military hearing.

The demonstrators carried signs and banners that read "Innocent blood won’t go in vain" calling for the trial of those responsible & demanding the rights of these workers, mindful & willing to take on any consequences this may incur.

The protesters vocally demanded the revocation of the prison sentence of the company workers, which ranged from a 6 months to a five-year sentence.