JP: USA supplying Israel with smart bombs

JP: USA supplying Israel with smart bombs

 The Israeli air force is to receive soon the first batch of American-made precision-guided bombs that would noticeably boost its ability to shell specific targets, the Jerusalem Post reported on Sunday.

The English-language paper said that the Israeli air force would be the first air force outside the USA to be supplied with the Small Diameter Bombs (SDB), which are made by Boeing, and has a highly destructive potential.

The American Congress sanctioned a deal in 2008 to supply Israel with one thousand GBU-39 smart bombs to the tune of 77 million dollars.

The 110 kilometers range bombs are called bunker-busters and could penetrate up to 90 centimeters of solid cement.

The bombs can be carried on F-15 jets, which can carry 20 bombs each turning this kind of warplanes into a “killing machine” as some security officials described it.