Judge Noha al-Zeini disclosed the realty of the ballot-rigging

Judge Noha al-Zeini 

Surprisingly, Noha el-Zeini, an egyption  Judge and the vice-president of the Administrative Supervision Board, disclosed the realty of the ballot-rigging that has been committed in Damnhore constituency during the second round of the parliamentary polls. This fraud resulted in announcing the National Democratic Party’s nominee, Mustafa el-Feqy, victor, on contrary to the real outcome of voting count, which showed the Moslem Brotherhood’s candidate, Gamal Heshmate as the top vote-getter. 
In her testimony, which will have legal and political consequences, al-Zeini stated, in today’s issue of el-Misery el-Youm newspaper, that Heshmate has got, at least, 25.000 votes while 7.000 have gone to el-Feqy. However, the influence of some security and governmental considerations impede the declaration of the real winner.
She added that she has noticed a State Security’s officer inside the electoral count commission. Repeatedly, she has heard many of counting officials as saying that ’Heshmate sweepingly leads.’  ’If el-Feqy falls, it will be a disaster, some one said,’ she continued.
’I was asked to leave,’ she remarked. Later, the rigged result has been spelled out. 
al-Zeini  concluded by calling the participant judges for reporting what they have witnessed in this connection in order to maintain the judiciary branch, the last remaining shelter of justice, which would pose a threat to the national security, if abandoned its role.