Judge orders freeze on senior ex-officials assets

Judge orders freeze on senior ex-officials assets

As investigations continue of former senior officials Egypt’s army rulers froze assets belonging to three former henchmen of the deposed Mubarak.

This comes in response to reform demands by protestors urging tough action against figures of the former administration to recover assets believed to be accumulated by Mubarak and others from the state.

Assets frozen belonged to Fathi Sorour, former People’s Assembly speaker, Safwat el-Sherif, head of the upper house of parliament and a senior member of the one-time ruling party and Zakaria Azmy, once a senior aide to Mubarak.

Heading the committee of ill gotten gains Essam el-Gawahri banned the three from leaving Egypt after investigations revealed they had combined large amounts of wealth.

According to MENA, the decision to freeze their assets also applies to their wives and children.

Friday, witnessed thousands of Egyptians protesting in downtown Cairo calling for Mubarak and his top officials to be put on trial accusing them of corruption and illegal profiteering.

Since the toppling of Mubarak and his corrupt regime Egypt has been ruled by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, and led by the defence minister who served under Mubarak.