Judges’ Club Threatens More Measures Unless New Financial Cadre Endorsed

The Judges” Club is preparing for a new battle for improving judges” salaries and for endorsing a new financial cadre (degree), especially as prices are uncontrollably sky-rocketing in the current economic crunch that the country is facing. They are calling for such demands, of improving salaries and jobs, along with other professionals and workers in Egypt to meet their basic needs.
The Judges” Club is currently organizing a number of field visits and tours to regional judges” clubs and courts nationwide to rally judges support for demands of raising salaries of the judges salaries and prosecution members through endorsing a new financial cadre .A delegation of the Judges” Club board of directors, headed by judge Zakariya Abdul Aziz, visited judges working in Upper Egyptian courts and prosecutions, confirming that unless a new financial cadre for their salaries is endorsed, the board will summon an extraordinary general assembly in Cairo to tougher measures and attitudes against government .
It is worth mentioning that the judges” demands aren”t related to salaries only. They also include giving independence to justice, amending law of the judiciary law and respecting views of the judiciary.The Judges” Club chairman declared that the government has finally responded to demands of the judges related to amending law of the judiciary. This means that the judiciary has its own independent budget which shall be drafted by the Supreme Judicial Council.He added that the Judges Club General Assembly issued last December a letter to the Supreme Judicial Council in which it enclosed a list of the payroll, positions and allowances which the judges seek, specially that their basic salary has never been changed since 1983.
While the Judges” Club is preparing for this battle for their salaries, Egyptian doctors are maintaining their demands for issuing a new financial cadre for them a few days after their extraordinary general assembly called for endorsing a new financial cadre.Meanwhile, dozens of workers in the forensic medicine department in the Ministry of Justice are maintaining a sit-in after they were dismissed from their jobs without stating any clear reasons for this unfair action although the Egyptian forensic medicine authority needs more workers.Popular and vocational sit-ins are still carried out in Egypt on a daily basis under a government that can”t address people”s demands and while this very government is committing various practices of repression to silence people and prevent them from calling for their rights.