• November 29, 2012
  • 2 minutes read

Judges for Egypt: Constitutional Court Plots to Demolish State

Judges for Egypt: Constitutional Court Plots to Demolish State

Senior judges rejected statements made by the Supreme Constitutional Court (SCC) spokesman claiming that the President took part in a campaign against its members.

Justice Mohamed Awad, head of the Alexandria Court of Appeal and coordinator of the ‘Judges for Egypt’ movement, said that the SCC gave itself the right to get involved in political actions beyond its terms of reference, and gave justice Tahani Al-Gabali – an SCC member – free rein to divulge secrets of court decisions and deliberations.

Awad added that SCC members forced the Egyptian people to criticize the judiciary, in the form of the SCC, after repeatedly standing like a stumbling block in the way of achieving stability in Egypt in recent months, and the SCC issued decisions and statements beyond its terms of reference.

Awad further added that the SCC, with its politicized decisions, spearheads a scheme for the demolition of the Egyptian state, explaining that the first step was the SCC’s sacking of the People’s Assembly, which was well outside its competence, mandate and terms of reference.

"How can a member of the SCC declare that it will sack the elected President, the only legitimate authority in the country, when the SCC cannot sack even a factory worker?"

Awad stressed that SCC members often make statements contrary to the rules of deliberation, in violation of the law and the rules of judicial practice.