Judges Revolution Escalates

It seems that the government will not be able to curb the revolution of judges easily. In its meeting last week, Alexandria Union has called on a stand to protest the government attitude toward the Judiciary Power bill that has been drafted by Judges’ Union ten years age. The union urged all segments of society to join Friday’s protest and to show their support for judges and their demands to achieve judiciary independency
In a procedure regarded as a government bid to foil the protesting stand, four of the union’s leaders faced investigation after withdrawing their judiciary immunity. Nevertheless, the stand took place on its due time, on Friday, with the participation of 500 judges, along with the four judges being interrogated. Participant judges articulated their outrage in a statement.    
The statement underlined that the Egyptian regime has no genuine desire for reform. For instance, the amendment of the bill is made amid closely guard secrecy. It looks like a conspiracy that intends to violate judges’ will. 
The statement added that the alleged reformists of the government see enacting curbing-freedom laws is the real concept of reform. They desire to turn the society into an open prison. On contrary, judges seek the release of liberties.
Furthermore, the statement hinted to the recent legislative vote. Despite the great effort exerted by the majority of monitoring judges to resist ballot rigging, However, few judges were not at the same level of responsibility and betrayed the people’s trust. Therefore, the statement demanded urgent investigations to be conducted in order to give violators their account and to win back the popular confidence in judiciary.
The statement, in addition, pressed judges for continuation of their compelling pressures on the government till their demands are met. It, moreover, appealed to the civil society to express their solidarity for judges, the last resort of justice in Egypt.
The statement asserted that the oppressive procedures of the pro-government Higher Judiciary Council will not divert judges’ calls for reform. In conclusion, the statement warned against government attempts to cause division among judges. Accordingly, judges should keep alert.     
Meanwhile, a number of civil organizations for human rights announced their support of the judges in their battle against the government. They criticized the decision of the Prosecutor General to refer four justices of the Cassation Court to the Sate Security Prosecution on charges.