Judges Speech to EU Parliament Delegation

Judges Speech to EU Parliament Delegation

The following is Ikhwanweb”s translation of the speech delivered by Judge Zakaria Abdel Aziz on behalf of Egypt”s Judges Club in the event of a visit by an EU Parliament Delegation to the Club last November 27. The speech included invitation to the EU Parliament to visit a conference dedicated to finding a solution to the Gaza Strip crisis after two months, which the delegation could not accept saying it could not bypass the general stance of the EU in this regard. The speech also hailed the recent EU Parliament resolution regarding human rights in Egypt and its appreciation of the role of judges in Egypt.


Honorable guests,


It is my pleasure to welcome you all to Judges Club hoping that our meeting will be a cornerstone for your ideas about Egypt nowadays, ideas of its elites, and their positions regarding the issues concerning the nation and its relations with other nations.


The generation of our fathers ‘Egypt’s judges and the founders of the science of law’ was looking at European methods of regulating and organizing the judiciary with full respect and appreciation. They were sure that the meaning of justice in the whole world is one, applied equally on everyone, ordered by all divine religions as well as the man-made laws with very little difference that only happens in the way of achieving justice among people.


Our fathers did not have a slight doubt that Europe was a pioneer in the methods of achieving administrative justice, ways of achieving judicial justice, and we did not find it difficult to follow these methods to achieve justice in our countries. 


This hadn’t only started organizing national judiciary. Before that, Mohamed Ali Pasha, the ruler of Egypt was sending missions of hundreds of Egyptian students to learn in Europe and they were sending monthly reports about their achievements.


Once his son Ismail, one of these missions student, became a ruler of Egypt, he tried to make of Egypt a copy of France as in constitution, parliament, collective and fair elections, an opera theatre, art college, museums, parks, musical bands that play in public squares during the weekends and holidays. 


Appreciation for the European culture and civilization continued, not only in Egypt but in the Arab world as a whole, until what happened between us and Europe when Israel was given a precious part for all Arabs, that is Palestine.


Since then the idea that European and American civilizations are dangerous on humanity as a whole and on our countries in particular started to spread. It was seen as a racist civilization seeking destruction of anyone that does not belong to it; while it puts freedom and justice as a basis of judgment between its citizens it accepts injustice and oppression in dealing with others, in particular Arabs and Muslims. It recruits groups of non-Europeans to do those immoral acts in order to stay behind the scene.


Europe was the first to use mercenaries in wars and it still uses them. It was the first to organize armies from the colonies and it also established racist countries in South Africa and Rhodesia and it demolished entire nations such as Native Americans and Tasmania People (Native Australians) and now it”s trying with us over sixty years by organizing genocides against our people in Palestine. 


People adopting this opinion which is spread strongly amongst Arab intellectuals; see that the decision of establishing Israel is a pure European idea that was originally thought of by Napoleon in his campaign against Egypt and Syria, after he died, this task was transferred to the British  and taken into action. It was also seen that Europe has deceived Arabs and used them in its fight against the Ottoman Islamic Caliphate when it allegedly was to support the Arabic right in establishing a united nation but on the contrary it adopted the (Sykes- Picot) convention which divided the world into small states ruled by rival thrones and put Palestine under the British control in Balfour Declaration that considers Palestine as a home for the Jewish nation, solving by that the Jewish problem in Europe.


I say that the Jewish problem is in Europe because Jews did not have any problem in the Arab and Islamic world neither before Islam nor after it, as our Prophet (PBUH) said: that whoever harms a Jewish or a Christian had harmed him (harmed the prophet (PBUH). Prophet Mohammed has died with his shield left with a Jew. Omar his Caliph has spent from the public wealth of Muslims on the poor people of the Jews. Also his caliph and his cousin Ali have conflicted with a Jew and went to the judge to decide in their case and the decision was against Ali. There was not any problem in the Islamic and Arab world against anyone from any different religion, creed or nationality during any stage of our history until colonization took place and caused conflicts between people and Islamic groups and ethnics working on the principle of “Divide and Rule”.            


Europe has observed how the Islamic nation has given protection to the Jews of Andalusia when Jews and Muslims were assaulted in the name of the Christ. There is no doubt that the Jewish problem is merely a European problem as you know the history of inquisition in Andalusia and the ones who committed the holocaust during the twentieth century. The European solution was for this problem was recruiting the Jews of Europe to start war on Arabs and Muslims with inducing them that Palestine will be the exclusive home for them and so was it  and Israel was aided with money and arms including the nuclear weapon. Its leaders thought that the Arab world will be open to them, or as has been said by Menachem Begin: ‘From Tangier to Jakarta’ and that their county’s borders is big enough to contain whatever their army can defend, as said by David Ben Jorion: there would be no place nor privacy for any Muslim or Arab in this region, and that Arab and Muslim leaders will be supporting Israel and whoever rebels amongst them will be destroyed by the big states itself. This, gentlemen, is the secret behind the war against Abdel Nassir, the secret behind the destroying Iraq, the secret behind punishing Iran and Syria and the position taken against Libya until recently. And whoever doesn’t get destroyed will be categorized as a terrorist which will prevent him from resisting against “Israel” and we have seen the way great powers help in failing all trails to get the Arab world together.


People adopting this view say to me: what is the point of the meeting between the Egyptian judges and the delegations of the European parliament? Don’t they know that the houses built by the Relief Agency for refugees in Jerusalem are waiting to be Judaized? Don’t they know about the wall whose establishment was condemned by the international court of justice? Don’t they know about the barriers that are an obstacle in the Palestinian movements and the blockade on Gaza which turned it into darkness and turned bakeries out of flour and drinking water being polluted and mixed up with waste water?


My friends that adopt this view ask me: will you speak with the delegates of the European parliament about the violations of the Charter of the United Nations in our countries by the Zionist colonialism? Will you remind them of the Charter of the League of Nations and Peoples Rights, which had been placed under guardianship or assignment? Will you ask them about the official records of the properties owned by the Palestinians? Or about the violation of the Geneva Conventions on human rights, international humanitarian law and crimes of genocide and collective punishment which is all taking place in the occupied lands of Palestine and other places of the Arab lands whose leaders show their obedience and friendship to the European and American leaders.


Will you ask them about the international criminal court and its mission of arresting president Omar Al-Bashir as a result for what happens in Darfur?


They wonder and say: would you believe the Europeans in their condemnation against torture while their countries do actually send Arab detainees to our countries to have them investigated with by their authorities then they send them back there? Will you believe them if they showed interest in having fair elections in our countries after what happened in Algeria and what happened in Palestine when some people asked Israel to arrest the ones who won the elections that was supervised by the Europeans themselves?


Would you believe their statements on citizenship rights and freedom of religion while they pledge until today to preserve the Jewish State in Israel, which does not mean anything more than giving tem the green card to commit genocides against Arabs, kicking them out of their homes, and denying them the human right of returning to their homes?


They ask: why does Europe refuse the idea of making Palestine a united state for all its citizens Arabs and Jews, Muslims and non- Muslims, isn’t the secret behind this refusal is that solving the Palestinian problem would lead to peace in the region and in the whole world, while Europe and America are keen on keeping Israel in a continuous state of war against Arabs?


Ladies and gentlemen, our job as judges has taught us to have a fair position from every case and not to follow our emotions or fall under any kind of pressure. For this reason I truly say: Egyptian judges, as I told those who interviewed me, are welcoming the delegates of the European parliament and will thank them for their visit and appreciate what Europe as provided us starting from education, thoughts, beliefs and systems that continue to be used in our countries. I told them that I will convey to you their opinion and how they don’t like their government’s policies and its apparent weakness towards great powers that made it attend Annapolis conference, or the New York religious dialogue, or to discuss the so-called road map, and distracting them with other issues at the time in which Palestine and Iraq suffer.


In my interview I’ve said that I will tell you that all Egyptian judges, the whole Arab world and the Arab Nations all support the Iraqi and Palestinian right as well as each occupied country’s right in their armed struggles against the occupiers when they see that it is the only way to get their taken rights back and save their dignity.


The Arab Nations, its judges at the forefront do respect the resistance organization and institutions which are called by many European governments as terrorist organizations and listed ones.


If judges do not agree about some practices made by few individuals because of feeling despair or frustrated, however, they believe that the continued aggression against the Palestinian people and the occupation of Syria, Lebanon and Iraq is the main reason for the increase of the terrorist movements. Arab governments should not have involved in the so-called war on terrorism before finding a solution to end the aggression on the Arab Nation.


The judges of Egypt do assert that the residency of the Jews in Arab and Muslim countries was and won’t be a problem at any time. The real problem is the establishment of a Jewish state based on taking other people’s land, wealth and rights. No matter what is being said in international conferences, agreements and conventions; peace and security would not be attainable in the region and in the whole world unless the idea of establishing a jewfish state of Israel was abandoned and Palestinians returned to their homes.


The judges condemn the siege of Gaza and the closure of the Rafah Boarder Crossing which began immediately after the announcement of the results of the elections of 2006 between the Palestinian political powers as it believed the European speeches about democracy and fair elections, Palestinians chose their leaders from a group that refuses to great powers projects of settlement which would take away from them the right to return to their homes and lands.


They also condemn selling gas to Israel and giving it any kind of assistance while it occupies Arab lands of Palestine, Syria and Lebanon.


The Egyptian judges have decided to hold a conference within two months from now in order to find solutions to end the blockade of Palestine and of Gaza in particular and to stop the mass genocide that the whole world witness.


The judge Ahmed Mekki, deputy head of the Court of Cassation, was assigned to prepare for this conference and he prepared this speech after he reviewed it on his fellow judges and other specialists who were invited to participate in the conference. This speech will be one of his main papers.


The judges of Egypt will invite the delegates of the European parliament to participate and express their views regarding this issue. Judges are sure that your contribution is going to be of great value even if we disagree in opinion because we think, regardless of our opinions of the policies of the European governments, that the best thing about the European civilization is that it respects and appreciates science, reason and what others believe and that it is keen on keeping its ethical reputation good as well as its own interests and that it is able to find appropriate solutions to the problem as it did in South Africa and in Northern Ireland.


We invite you with what we have learnt from the holly Quran that Allah (SWT) has created different people and nations in order to get to know each other, and that others are not necessary the same, some of them would rush for doing good and achieving the truth and justice, refuse wrongs, injustice and like for people what they like for themselves.


Lastly, It is my duty to ask you to transfer the appreciation of Egypt’s judges to the European parliament’s resolution issued 17/01/2008 regarding human rights in Egypt, and the appreciation for the Egyptian judges role and the full understanding of their demands, which I think stems from your first visit to our club on 21/11/2006. We respect the European parliament’s resolution and we are looking forward to see a similar resolution this time.


We thank you for your visit and wish you a nice stay in Egypt.

Peace be upon you all.




Zakaria Abdel Aziz,


Chairman of Egypt’s Judges Club