• January 9, 2007
  • 3 minutes read

Justice Cancels Prosecution Prison Sentences against 15 MB

Justice Cancels Prosecution Prison Sentences against 15 MB

Justice Cancels Prosecution Prison Sentences against 15 MB Leaders in Sharqiya
A Misdemeanours Appeals court in Zagazig issued, on Monday Jan. 8, 2007, a ruling of releasing 13 Muslim Brotherhood leaders who appeared before Zagazig prosecution and it jailed them for 15 days pending trial .
The detainees who were arrested from their houses last Tuesday at dawn Jan. 2, 2007, challenged the prosecution decision in front of the court that issued a ruling of releasing them.

The detainees released by the court ruling are:

-Dr. Dr. Mohamed Abdul Ghani specialist in ophthalmology in Zagazig University hospitals.
-Eng. Yasser Roshdi– manager of the project of improving the city of Zagazig.
– Dr Mohsen Qahwa – Owner and manager of the Engineering Electronics company.
-Mr. Abdullah Al Bahrawi – (Lawyer and ex-member in the Bar syndicate in Sharqiya).
-Mohamed Nagib Abdul Ghani Ibrahim– General Manager of the legal affairs in the West Zagazig Education District.
-Abdul Hamid Ahmed Abdou – Accountant in the Agricultural Authority in Zagazig.
-Eng. Mohamed Ezzat – Owner of an engineering company.
-Ashraf Al-Baghdadi – Employee in the Authority of Electricity.
-Hassan Othman – French language teacher.
-Mohamed Habib– Lawyer
– Maher Abdul Latif – an employee in a contracting company
-Tamer Sobhi Nasruddin – Student in the Faculty of Education, Arabic Dep.
-Osama Ibrahim– Employee in Al-Azhar Education Department.
Also, the Misdemeanors Appeals Court of Menia El Kameh, Sharqiya, issued a ruling of releasing, on Monday, two MB leaders: Mohamed Guda- a businessman, and Dr. Hamdi Allaam a conjunctivitis specialist, who were detained last Thursday at dawn Jan. 4, 2007.

It is worth mentioning that the rulings of both Zagazig Appeals court and Menia El Kameh Misdemeanors Appeals court are enforceable and must be implemented unless the prosecution defies them within 48 after the courts rulings are issued.