Justice in Egypt is not alright

Justice in Egypt is not alright

11 days passed since a communiqué was sent to the Prosecutor-General about the torturing of blogger Karim Amer in Borg Alarab prison without ordering an investigation, a matter that raises concerns and doubts about justice and leaves the door open for impunity from punishment in Egypt, the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information said today.

This press release came after the lawyers of the Arabic Network paid Karim a visit in Borg Alarab prison as they found out that there was no investigation started regarding their communiqué which was sent to the Prosecutor-General on November 14, they also noticed the healing of the torture related-injuries yet the broken teeth Karim lost demonstrates full-blown evidence of the torture he went through.

The Arabic Network”s lawyers examined by themselves the abrasions on Karim”s neck and his” broken teeth”, they also saw one of the police elements involved in torturing Karim; He was strolling down happily with a smirk on his face implying a message that” Torture is our trade, the prosecutor-general protects us and Karim will stay under our teeth”.

“to have Amer”s torture passing by without an investigation is almost identical to the bologger Mohammed Alsharkawi”s case on May 25 2006 of which the prosecutor-general was made fully aware of it yet there was no investigation launched. On the other hand the prosecutor-general hurries into probing any communiqué against an outspoken opposition figure even in cases less serious than torture. It happened against Hoyda Taha of Aljazeera, Ibrahim Essa Aldostur”s editor in chief, Bloggers Alaa Seif and Manal Bahei and against myself in a lawsuit fabricated by Judge Abdelfattah Murad. It”s a very serious matter that justice and those who implement it are discriminative” said Gamal Eid, lawyer & Executive Director of the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information.

It is to mention that the communiqué sent by the lawyers of the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information and Hisham Mubarak”s Centre for Law, on November 14 2007 and carried number 18564/2007 , reached prosecutor-general” office in Alexandria after 10 days carrying the number 712. Would the prosecutor-general take it into consideration after 10 days? And when it will launch an investigation?

The Arabic Network wonders if officer Midhat Sameer who was supervising Karim”s torture were the one who sent a complaint against Karim, how many days would it have passed before an investigation is initiated?

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