Kabaha: Extending the detention of Dr. Dwaik reflects Zionist impotence

PA minister of prisoners’ affairs, Wasfi Kabaha said on Friday that the decision, by an Israeli occupation court, to extend the detention of the speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), Dr.Aziz Dwaik, and the other PLC members, is not only a violation of international laws and customs, but also reflects the barbarity of occupation which is practicing state terrorism against the Palestinian people.

He added that the extension of detention reflected Israeli failure and impotence and is a desperate attempt to destroy the Palestinian political system through detaining elected representatives of the Palestinian people.

Kabaha also said that Dr. Dwaik is held in isolation and is denied minimal health care despite his poor health condition. He is also denied newspapers, radio and television.

Kbaha called on local, regional and international organizations to exert pressure on Israel to guarantee the safety of the PLC speaker and the other PLC members and ministers whom Israel is keeping in jail.

An Israeli occupation military court extended the detention of Dr. Dwaik till next Tuesday after a short appearance he made in the court where his feet were shackled. He was defiant despite his ill health and refused to accept the legality of the occupation court.