Kafr Al-Sheikh citizen tortured, threatened with raping wife

An Egyptian citizen has been tortured by police officers and has been threatened that his wife will be raped.

With the spread of the phenomenon of torture in Egypt- a well-established policy in police stations and State Security Police- the police officers, Khaled Dabsh and Mohamed Shahdah, summoned citizen Ahmed Abdul Latif Al-Himdi to the State Security Police in Kafr Al-Sheikh with the help of detectives Hamada Al Damati and Mohamed Anwar, where he was tortured, faced electric shocks and was threatened with burning his Stationery Store (called Fajr Store) in Ray blocks, Kafr Al-Sheikh building number 2; also, they burnt his Xeroxing machines with benzine.

They also crossed limits when they threatened him with bringing his wife and raping her in front of him; they then hooded him after stripping him of all his clothes after the police officers threatened him with killing, saying:” people like you should be killed without paying any blood money”; then, they sprayed his naked body with a spray that- they confirmed- will make him sterile.

The police officers ordered Al-Himdi to sign in blank papers; when he refused, they beat and kicked him and took his trade registry and all official papers related to his stationary store.

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