Kafr el-Sheikh: Detaining Eight, Pursuing Sheishaa’s Supporters

Kafr el-Sheikh: Detaining Eight, Pursuing Sheishaa’s Supporters

The security agencies in Kafr el-Sheikh governorate continued its arbitrary procedures against Dr. Hassan Abu Sheishaa, Muslim Brotherhood candidate in the supplementary parliamentary elections scheduled to be in November10, 2008.

They detained two other citizens followers of the Muslim Brotherhood, bringing the number of Kafr al-Sheikh detainees to eight, in the last week only.

The State Security has issued instructions to the officers of the parties units in the villages of Kafr el-Sheikh, to collect the largest number of votes for the candidates of the National Party, threatening laggard officers of  exclusion from the secretariat of the units.

The Police cars were patrolling all villages and neighborhoods of Kafr el-Sheikh to follow up the supporters of MB candidate to kidnap or threaten them, and they tore up the advertising posters of MB candidate of this year elections in which the number of the candidates has became 30, after the waive of  21 others.

Kafr el-Sheikh prosecution had ordered today afternoon, October 11, 2008 to release four citizens, and they are: Hamada Mohamed Ismail (sales representative), Abdul Aziz Al Sayed Sultan (director of workers” affairs in the ambulance facility), Abdul Latif Al-Ajami (teacher), Darwish Subhi Khalil (official in the health affairs), after being found innocent of that charges concocted to them by the Interior Ministry.  
The Prosecution also decided to arrest both of Mahmoud Ghazi Mohamed Mustafa and Abdul Fattah Ahmed Youssef for 15 days, and to bring Abdul Fattah Al Sayed Abdul Fattah Al-Banna to complete the ongoing investigation, that was after arresting them at the end of last October on charges of publicity for MB candidate in the governorate.

However, the state security rejected the prosecution”s  decision and ordered to renew the detention for the six detainees, and to refer them to Wadi Al Natroun prison with two others who were kidnapped from the street, and they are: Abdul Fattah Al-Banna and Adel Hassan Abdulaal Ghoneim (27 years old), bringing the number of Muslim Brotherhood detainees to eight.