Kafr el-Sheikh: SSI Holds Maher Adul Azeem, Detains MB Leader

Kafr el-Sheikh: SSI Holds Maher Adul Azeem, Detains MB Leader

SSI in Kafr el-Sheikh governorate detained today, Tuesday October 28, the citizen Maher Adul Azeem despite issuing a release warrant for him by the general prosecution.

He had been arrested on October 22, 2008 and was presented to the prosecution on the day following the date of arrest, where the prosecution charged him with joining an outlawed group, and after the investigation, the prosecution decided to release him but the State Security Investigations in Kafr el-Sheikh did not implement the decision of the prosecution, holding Maher Adul Azeem who has not been released till now.

Tens of Muslim Brotherhood have been held in Egyptian prisons, as a result of detention campaigns that affected many of MB leaders and youth in various parts of Egypt, where they have been submitted to exceptional procedures.

SSI detained yesterday afternoon Mohamed Al Halisi, MB candidate in the previous parliamentary elections in Kafr el-Sheikh governorate, from the headquarters of his job in Shabbas Al Malh School, where the security forces took him to his home to inspect it, but no one knows until now where he has been taken to then.

The security forces have cordoned the school during the school day, and arrested Al Halisi without giving reasons or a warrant, and amid of the astonishment of students and teachers, leading him to his house in the village of Kafr Al Sudan where they inspected it