Kandil: Arab scheme to liquidate Palestinian issue .

Kandil:  Arab scheme to liquidate Palestinian issue .


"During my meeting with many Arab officials, I felt there was an orientation from the Arab regimes that aims at liquidating the Palestinian issue and to pressure the Palestinian people into accepting "modest gains" to achieve the peace process in the region", Kandil pointed out in an interview with the PIC.

He  condemned the iron barrier that the Egyptian government was constructing along the borders with Gaza, describing it as part of the scheme to coerce Hamas into signing the Egyptian paper without further discussion despite it being  against the Movement’s principles benefiting the Israeli occupation.

"Indeed, we must  bow our heads in shame for the building by the regime of the iron wall which helps Israel tighten the grip on our Palestinian brothers  in Gaza, and we should also bow our heads down in shame of Egypt’s alliance with the USA that helps the Israel with all the force it possesses", Kandil underlined.

Nevertheless, the journalist anticipated an Egyptian outrage if the Egyptian regime doesn’t cancel the idea of the wall, stressing, "I am sure that popular demonstrations would erupt around the Egyptian embassies in all Arab countries to condemn Egypt and the wall".

"Egypt has an ethical obligation to the Gaza Strip which was once under the Egyptian administration before the IOF troops captured it from Egypt in 1967… Gaza was an Egyptian province", he reminded .

He also deprecated the Arab media that, he said, reflect the political rift in the Arab world between the angry Arab public and the "moderate regime", a term bestowed by the USA on certain Arab countries, including Egypt among other state s.

He also criticized the way the Egyptian media deals with the Palestinian issue, particularly the siege on Gaza, explaining that the Egyptian media outlets had lost its prestige many years ago after they turned themselves  into government tools  in harmony with the Egyptian official orientation.
He added that there were two kinds of  media in Egypt, the first is the official media outlets that goes in line with the hostile position of the government against the Gaza Strip, and the second one is the private media which is owned by businessmen and is subjected to extreme pressures.

He also made reference to the "satellite broadcasting paper" which has been adopted by Egypt and Saudi Arabia a few months ago in the Arab League with the aim of controlling the media.