Kandil accuses Egypt of participating in the siege on Gaza

Kandil accuses Egypt of participating in the siege on Gaza

Egyptian political activists Abdul Haleem Kandil has accused the government of his country of participating in the Israeli siege on Gaza, asserting that the tight Egyptian security measures at the Rafah crossing point substantiates his charges.

In an interview with the Quds Press, Kandil, who is also a leader of the opposition Kefaya (enough) Movement, underlined, “This one form of the Egyptian government”s connivance with Israel against the Palestinian people in Gaza”.

“To my regret, the Egyptian stand over what is happening at the Rafah crossing point is attached to the American and Israeli stand as we could only find the Israeli occupation forces and the Egyptian security forces that besiege Gaza Strip, which per se unveils the nature of the Egyptian regime that exports gas and oil to Israel that enhances Israel”s capabilities in committing crimes against the Palestinian people, thus, making the Egyptian hand stained with Palestinian blood”, Kandil furthermore asserted.

He also accused the Egyptian regime of besieging the Egyptian city of Al-Mahalla in the same it besieges Gaza strip, explaining that the Egyptian regime grants Israeli settlers an entry visa of two weeks to the Sinai Peninsula while Palestinian citizens are denied entry into Egypt even if they have valid Visas.

But he made it clear that the Egyptian official stand doesn’t reflect the real stand of the Egyptian people who are 100%b behind the Palestinian people in their struggle for freedom.

The real Egyptian stand appears during critical times similar to the IOF bloody holocaust in Gaza Strip few weeks ago.

Moreover, the Egyptian activist, who is also a journalist, lashed out at the official newspaper in Egypt, describing those newspapers as mouthpieces of the government.

“Those news paper are separated form the Egyptian public sense, and they are directly connected to the security apparatuses, and thus, they don’t deserve to be called newspapers… they are security men carrying out security missions”, the Egyptian activist said of the official newspaper in Egypt.