• September 29, 2011
  • 3 minutes read

Katatni: Democratic Alliance Eyes Coalition Government

Katatni: Democratic Alliance Eyes Coalition Government

Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni stressed that the Democratic Alliance for Egypt (DAE)  is the only coalition that began and ended big, and was coherent throughout all stages. It started as a political alliance and now turned into an electoral coalition, expressing hopes that the alliance will continue for some time after the elections, to form a coalition government if its lists achieved a reasonable majority in the next parliament. Read More

Katatni said, in his speech during the DAE meeting, on Tuesday, which discussed election campaigns and announced the names of DAE candidates: "The DAE, with all its parties and different intellectual and ideological inclinations, is keen to safeguard the national interests of Egypt, our homeland, and to take it to the shores of safety."

He pointed out that at the election coordination stage, different parties have different views and aspirations. “We respect all parties that walked away from the election coordination process but remained within the DAE,” he said, stressing that “we are waiting for the return of these parties to the political coalition in the parliament, after the elections.”

He said: "There is no single faction or party that now claims to be able to work alone at this critical stage in the history of Egypt, especially since every citizen is expecting to get all the demands he’s been waiting for for the past 30 years." He also mentioned that: "The next elections will be the best in the history of modern Egypt; because it will lead to the revitalisation and rejuvenation of Egypt, and establishment of a democratic regime in this great country.”

The electoral coalition now includes 11 parties, namely: The Freedom and Justice party, Ghadd Al-Thawra, Dignity, Labour, Hadara, Islah & Nahda, Reform, Freedom and Development, Egypt Arab Socialist party, Al-Jeel, and the Liberals.