Katatni: Egyptian Families Displacement Unacceptable

Katatni: Egyptian Families Displacement Unacceptable

Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni, Speaker of the Egyptian People’s Assembly, stressed that displacement of any Egyptian citizen from his place of living is unacceptable.

He was commenting on urgent statements made by MP Emad Gad, in which he said that certain Coptic families were removed from the Nahda village in Alexandria on the background of an illicit relationship between a young Christian tailor and a Muslim woman.

In yesterday’s  parliament session, Dr. Katatni said, "I have agreed with MP Emad Gad and other MPs that the urgent statement would be discussed in his Committee, with a hearing session to be convened for those involved in this problem, in order to find an urgent solution for them, taking into account all relevant laws".

He refused to allow these events to be used to ignite sectarian strife in Egypt, stressing that the matter can be resolved and the results presented to public opinion.

The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) and other mediators intervened early to resolve the crisis and formed popular committees to protect the homes of Christians in the wake of these events.

Hossam Al-Wakil, FJP Media Spokesman in Alexandria, stated that Copts are living in Nahda village (in the Egyptian seaport city of Alexandria) among Muslims, without any problems whatsoever.

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, Al-Wakil said, "The crisis that broke out between Muslims and Christians in the village, after the recent circulation of video footage showing scenes of an illicit relationship between a young Christian tailor and a Muslim woman, ended with a decision by the village’s residents to remove the people of both Christian and Muslim families involved only, in order to prevent further bloodshed and sectarian.

The FJP Media Spokesman stated that there is calm and stability in the village now, and Copts of the village have no problems.

He emphasized that due to the Bedouin nature of the village,  elders’ reconciliation meetings are common for solving problems in the village. He stressed that the issue can do without statements that might inflame sectarian strife in the village again.