Katatni: MB Will Not Participate in May 4 Strike Without National Consensus

Katatni: MB Will Not Participate in May 4 Strike Without National Consensus

Dr. Mohamed Saad al-Katatni (chief of the MB parliamentary bloc) stressed that MB refused to participate in April 6th strike because lack of national consensus and clear agenda for the strike. He warned that mobilizing the public for civil disobedience or strike without proper planning might lead to chaos and destruction. However, in their statement issued prior to the strike, the MB stressed on the right of every citizen to oppose and strike according to constitution and within the law.

During the political seminar organized by the MB parliamentary bloc on Tuesday April 22nd titled “Strikes between Chaos and Influence”, Katatni indicated that the government should reconsider its policies and stop employing security solutions which stem mainly from the regime’s bewilderedness and lack of supporters.

Katatni stated that the MB has not yet decided whether to participate in May 4th strike or not; “MB won”t participate in May”s strike without national agreement” he added.

Hussein Mohamed Ibrahim (deputy chief of the MB parliamentary bloc) said that political and social discontent in Egypt is result of poor government performance dealing with problems experienced by ordinary people.

He illustrated that the regime’s failure prevailed at all levels; rocketing prices; human rights violations, and stagnant political status due to the ruling NDP”s control over all aspects of political life as a result of election forgery and oppression practiced by the regime in legislative, or local elections.