Katatni: MB Would Welcome Effective Debate With Obama During His Visit

Katatni: MB Would Welcome Effective Debate With Obama During His Visit

In a meeting with Dr. Sa’d El-Katatny, Member of the Executive Bureau and Head of the MB Parliamentary Bloc in Egypt, he confirmed to Ikhwanweb that the MB repeatedly announced it welcomes open and public dialogue with anyone and with the knowledge and consent of the Egyptian government, however, it [MB] rejects secret talks and hidden agenda that undermine Egypt’s sovereignty, and this rule applies to the U.S president as well as other president.


Meanwhile, el Katatni described allegations against him and other parliament members affiliated with the MB and other prominent MB figures of trying to revive what is called “Global MB Network” as groundless and politically motivated to distort the public’s image of the MB ahead of Obama’s visit and in preparation of the upcoming legislative elections in 2010. He also confirmed that no subpoenas have been issued so far to any of the parliament members named in the alleged case.


He added that “the distinguished parliamentary performance of the MB MPs and the bills they propose revealing the degree of governmental confusion at the legislative level led the regime to become frustrated with the MB and their MPs” El-Katatny added.


El-Katatny continued, “This is in addition to the MB’s reform project which they are pursuing to implement everywhere, if they are given the opportunity.  MB MPs are, in fact, already implementing this project in the form of parliamentary tools through which they formed strong relations with the Egyptian people via a network of ongoing services.”


“Hence, the government knows that if the MB runs for the upcoming parliament elections, they would win by a sweeping majority.  So the government began early preparation for the elections by trying to sever the ties between the MB and the people through the distortion of their image in the eyes of the Egyptian citizen,” El-Katatny explained.


El-Katatny also suggested that Obama’s upcoming visit and the government’s expectation of Obama’s request to meet with the MB may also be another reason which led the government to try to distort the MB’s image.



“The MB have their legislative plan and this case will not affect MB’s legislative agenda in the parliament and if it weren’t for the uproar created by the government media, the MB wouldn’t have given heed to this case because, in essence, there is no case and no material evidence of the accusations that were laid against the MB,” El-Katatny added.


El-Katatny said that “the parliament will not propose the lifting of parliamentary immunity because the Egyptian Constitution had already secured it to MPs as it prevented the filing of malicious lawsuits. I expect that parliamentary immunity will not be lifted”


It is worth mentioning that Dr. Sa’d El-Katatny, Dr.  Abdel-Mon’em Abul-Futuh, Member of the MB Executive Bureau and Secretary General of the Arab Doctors Union, Sa’d El-Husseiny, Member of the MB Executive Bureau and MB Parliamentary Bloc, and Hussein Mohamed Ibrahim, Vice-Head of the MB Parliamentary Bloc, attended the funeral of the president’s grandson who passed away two days ago.