Katatni: No One Faction Will Lead Egypt

Katatni: No One Faction Will Lead Egypt

Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni, Secretary-General of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), stressed that the Democratic Alliance for Egypt, which includes parties with diverse political views and approaches was born of the FJP’s belief in the need for cooperation and coordination.

In a speech, at a rally in his native Minya governorate (Upper Egypt), Dr. Katatni mentioned that the FJP has committees specialized in planning for Egypt’s future with the aim of bringing about comprehensive development of the homeland, pointing out that the party is seeking to benefit from successful experiences of other nations and countries.

He stressed the need for concerted efforts of all stakeholders during the next phase for the construction of Egypt, emphasizing the inability of any political faction, whatever its strength, to lead the ship home alone.

He said: “The FJP wants to see the armed forces return to their barracks and hand over power to civilians,” adding that the parliamentary elections currently underway are the first step towards this purpose.

He pointed out that, during the coming period, Egypt needs a strong parliament, elected with the whole nation’s free will, a new constitution that reflects all the components of the Egyptian people, a strong government backed by a parliamentary majority, and an elected president.