Katatni: Parliament Will Hold Hearing on Latest Developments of NGO Case

Katatni: Parliament Will Hold Hearing on Latest Developments of NGO Case

Dr. Saad Katatni, Speaker of the Egyptian People’s Assembly (PA), stated that the assembly will utilize all parliamentary tools to investigate  the decision to lift a travel ban imposed on foreign nongovernmental organization (NGO) workers accused of operating in Egypt and receiving US funds without appropriate government authorization. "Regardless of their status, all those who interfered in judiciary affairs will be held accountable", he asserted.

Speaking, Saturday, during a joint meeting of both Parliament Houses, Katatni highlighted that no individual had the right to interfere with the sovereignty of Egypt or its institutions. He added:  "Parliament will get to the bottom of this violation, and all involved will be held liable".

Katatni pointed out that parliament will question PM Kamal El-Ganzouri and relevant Cabinet ministers about the ongoing NGO case in a special session at PA, on 11 March. "The case is still in progress, and we in parliament will not compromise the rights of the nation nor relinquish accomplishments of the revolution for which martyrs sacrificed their blood and souls.

"There are questions, suspicions and concerns in the public opinion – that there was foreign interference and pressure applied in this case. This is completely unacceptable."

Katatni emphasized that there were indeed many unanswered questions including: “On what basis were the accused US citizens allowed to travel? On what basis would a private US plane be allowed to land on Egyptian soil, and did it have permission from relevant authorities? On what grounds did the judges in charge of the case abruptly recuse themselves from the case?”