Katatni: Post-Revolution Egyptians Will Not Allow Vote-Rigging

Katatni: Post-Revolution  Egyptians Will Not Allow Vote-Rigging

 Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)’s Chairman, said that guarantees of elections integrity and transparency, whether legal or constitutional, are known to all; and judicial supervision of the elections has nothing to do with the government, “Active participation of citizens will ensure the integrity of the elections”.

During a national dialogue session held by the institution of the presidency in the capital Cairo, Dr. Katatni added: “Upcoming legislative elections cannot be manipulated, rigged or ‘faked’, because the people will not allow vote-rigging to take over their will ever again. The revolt against injustice will never allow fraud.

“A few days ago, I met a number of opposition politicians who demanded parliamentary polls be delayed, because ‘the right atmosphere for elections is just not there’; yet in the same breath they demand snap presidential elections. In fact, with the people in need of security and stability, changing the government would give a very negative impression. In any case, the government will have no hand in the elections.”

Further, Dr. Katatni demanded that there should be a media code of conduct, because the media may well be used as a tool to mislead voters, pointing that the performance of the media in the recent past makes it most likely to get seriously involved in propaganda and wrongful voter misdirection.