• May 4, 2012

Katatni: Egyptian People Will Not Accept Presidential Elections Delay or Postponement

Katatni: Egyptian People Will Not Accept Presidential Elections Delay or Postponement

Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni, Speaker of the Egyptian People’s Assembly (PA), asserted that the people will not accept the postponement of the presidential elections under any contrived pretexts.

He stressed that the whole public will turn out to liberation squares again, if any person or power sought to control the will of the people who are determined to persist in their march for democratic transformation.

He pointed out that he decided to suspend parliamentary sessions based on the opinion of the majority, and that it was not his own decision as some have claimed.

Dr. Katatni added that the decision was aimed at restoring the dignity of the PA and its members, and to take a decisive stand regarding the lack of response from the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) and the government to the decisions of the elected Assembly which reflects the conscience and the will of the people.

He explained that he is glad to see a number of political parties and independent members opposed to the majority party under the dome of Parliament; for this is real democracy at work, contrary to what some media say.

Dr. Katatni further added that there was no personal issues between him and the government, but he is simply doing his job as Speaker of the PA, “For the Assembly and its members, public interest is above all else.

“The law, as it stands, has enough power to restore order on the street, but the government is unable to apply it to the corrupt holdovers of the former regime.”

Moreover, Dr. Katatni pointed that a Nour party MP submitted an urgent bill for the restructuring of the Supreme Constitutional Court and the Supreme Presidential Electoral Commission, for fear of manipulation and fraud.

Katatni further stressed that the chaos taking place in the streets around the Ministry of Defense and the Abbassiya district is the responsibility of SCAF and the Interior Ministry, adding that the street does not need new laws or punishments.

He affirmed that Dr. Kamal Ganzouri loathes PA questioning his government for fear of exposing the issue of State territory settlement.

Dr. Katatni pointed out that the Parliament is highly regarded in international parliamentary forums and organizations. He also mentioned that the Constitutional Declaration protected Parliament from dissolution.

Furthermore, Katatni said that there are 136 draft laws currently submitted, to be considered by the PA, whilst many investigations and information requests besiege the government completely.