Katatni: President’s Meeting with Judiciary Fruitful

Katatni: President’s Meeting with Judiciary Fruitful

Dr. Saad Katatni, Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), praised the positive results of the President’s meeting Monday with the Supreme Judicial Council.

He also praised the clarification that the President Decrees are made immune only for matters pertaining to protection of elected institutions and matters of sovereignty, as well as limiting these Decrees to a period that extends only until the new constitution comes into force.

"Accordingly, and in order to avoid further inflaming the situation, to avoid spilling of Egyptian blood, and in order to maintain stability and security of homeland and citizens, the FJP has decided to postpone the million-man march and rally that was called for Tuesday outside Cairo University.

"The FJP also emphasizes the right of other political parties and national movement partners to peaceful demonstration in Tahrir Square Tuesday."

Katatni concluded, "The FJP reiterates its deep belief that dialogue among national parties and groups is the only way to achieve the objectives of democracy, dignity and stability demanded by our great people".