Katatni: We Hope Dialogue Creates Broad Consensus Before Parliamentary Elections

Katatni: We Hope Dialogue Creates Broad Consensus Before Parliamentary Elections

Dr. Saad Katatni, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Chairman, said the party welcomes the dialogue sponsored by President Mohamed Morsi. He further said: "We are ready and willing to discuss any topics in dialogue sessions, and the FJP is ready to show complete flexibility in order to achieve consensus with all other parties, so we go to the elections in full national harmony".

In a statement to satellite TV channel ‘MBC Egypt’ – at the end of his visit to Tokyo, Dr. Katatni said: "A short while ago, the FJP’s National Committee agreed on the essential idea of coordination, collaboration and coalitions with other parties. Now, the FJP is studying with which parties or independent politicians we may run the elections. We are certainly trying for the government that will be formed after parliament is elected to be a broad-based one where the full spectra of Egyptian political parties and movements are represented. Even if the FJP won a majority, it will invite other parties to join the government, because the next phase needs concerted efforts of all parties together for the construction of new postrevolution Egypt".

Responding to a question about FJP differences with Salafist Nour Party, the FJP Chairman said: "There are no serious differences or problems between us and Nour Party. Nour Party cooperated with us in the previous parliament, which was dissolved by court-order. Our relationship with Nour Party and its leaders is good. There is only a difference of points-of-view. Three weeks ago, Nour Party launched an initiative, demanding a new government before parliamentary elections. Certain political forces agreed with Nour Party; but we have reservations on the issue of changing the current government.

"Our party holds that a change of government now gives a message of instability in the country. Similarly, a government reshuffle would disrupt the House of Representatives elections. This is something important, not just for us, but for the whole of Egypt. We are keen that this important step on the path of democratic transformation is taken on time, as prescribed in the Constitution."

In conclusion, Dr. Katatni said: "We respect the opinions of others. We are ready to discuss any item of the Nour Party initiative, at the dialogue table, and without preconditions like government reshuffles. In any case, even this point of contention between us and Nour Party did not affect the good relationship between us and them".