Katatni Elected Chairman After Brotherhood Bloc Elections

Katatni Elected Chairman After Brotherhood Bloc Elections

Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc elections witnessed heated competition on the leading posts of the bloc.

Dr. Mohamed Saad El Katatni was re-elected chairman of the bloc after gaining 51% of the MB MP votes (40 votes) with whom MP Sobhi Saleh 16 votes) was about to run for run-off elections.

As for the vice chairman post, MPs Hussein Ibrahim and Sobhi Saleh went through run-off elections leading to the victory of Hussein Ibrahim with 42 votes compared with Sobhi Saleh who gained only 35 votes.

Sobhi Saleh and Mohamed El Beltagi were elected for the bloc”s Secretariat simultaneously. Other six Brotherhood parliamentarians went through run-off elections for three seats; they are Dr. Ahmad Dyiab, Azab, Hamdi Hasan, Eng. Sabry Amer, Ali Fath El Bab, Ashraf Badr El Din, and Azab Mustafa in which Dr. Hamdi Hasan, Ahmad Dyiab, and Azab Mustafa won the seats.

Brotherhood parliamentary bloc election was conducted in three phases; for selecting a chairman, vice chairman, and five MPs for the Secretariat.

This election lasted for five hours in the presence of 78 MB MPs out of total 86 MB parliamentarians. Eight of them failed to show up during elections due to illness and emergency conditions.

Elections were initially presided by Sheikh Sayed Askar (eldest MP) till Katatni was elected chairman. Further, three independent parliamentarians watched elections; they are Gamal Zahran, Saad Abboud, and Alaa Abdul-Monem.