Katatny Condoles Victims of Cairo Rockslide, Says MB Is Taking Part in Relief Efforts

Katatny Condoles Victims of Cairo Rockslide, Says MB Is Taking Part in Relief Efforts

Mohamed Saad El Katatny (Head of MB Parliamentary Bloc and MB Executive Bureau Member) expressed his deep grief at the tragic rockslide that buried some 35 houses and killed 16 so far in the southern Cairo Mokattam district.

El Katatny held the Egyptian government responsible for the crisis, since a smaller rockslide hit the same area two months ago but officials did not warn the residents of another expected deadly rockslide.

 A small rockslide two months ago was warning sign, but unfortunately the government does not respond to crises except too late. Now the rescue efforts are shamefully slow which threatens with a humanitarian catastrophe in the impoverished area,” Katatny said in a statement to Ikhwanweb.

MB and opposition voices have previously warned against a possible disaster in the area, but there was no government reaction.

"By ignoring slums, the government ignores one of the most serious problems that pose a threat on social security and peace in Egypt.".

The MB Parliamentary Bloc urged in a statement the Egyptian government to take immediate measures in rescuing victims and providing alternative housing for those whose houses were demolished in the crisis. It also called for drawing urgent plans to prevent the occurrence of any similar accidents in the future.

Officials say heavy machinery that will lift the rocks haven’t yet arrived at the scene and rescue efforts are currently taking place by hand.

Katatny stressed that the Muslim Brotherhood will offer as much aid as possible to the victims and their families, and that MB MPs are currently heading for the scene to offer any required assistance. He called on the Egyptian people to take part in the relief efforts either by financial or material aid.

Official sources say the rescue operations will last for more than three days.