• FJP News
  • December 7, 2011
  • 2 minutes read

Katatny Congratulates First Round Winners in Egypt’s Parliamentary Elections

Katatny Congratulates First Round Winners in Egypt’s Parliamentary Elections

Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), Secretary General, Dr. Saad Katatny expressed his gratitude to the Egyptian people on their sophisticated performance in the first phase of the parliamentary elections.

“It is pleasing to see such a turnout in the fist stage of the elections. We hope the next rounds run just as smoothly if not better”, he stated.

Katatny pointed out in a press release: “The results of the first round are a clear indication of each political faction’s presence in the street and among the people”.

He thanked the people for their trust, adding “We feel how heavy our responsibility is. We will work hard to serve our people and country on all levels”.

Katatny called on all political forces and currents to engage in honest competition and to adhere to civilized ethics in the next rounds. “This is our chance to prove to the world how great the Egyptian people are”, he said.

Concluding his statement, Katatny congratulated the winners of the first round. “I thank all candidates who ran in the elections including those who did not secure seats. We have succeeded in illustrating that Egyptians are capable of democratically running elections and accepting the will of the people. Serving the community is not limited to those who are in parliament but is a national duty of one and all”, he stated.