Katatny Criticizes US Foreign Policy To Congressional Delegation

During a meeting with US congressional delegation in Cairo, Dr. Saad el Deen al Katatny, head of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, criticized the US foreign policies in the Middle East, which he considered the source of the region’s main problems “if we look at the major troubled areas in the Middle East; we will find US involvement with its unbalanced policies, which spread an anti American sentiment among the people in the entire region” al Katatny stated.

Al Katatny asked the US congress delegates to pressure their government in order to change its biased and arrogant policies in the Middle East, which can be the key for any long term solution of the region. He mentioned how the Arab regimes pressured Hamas to show some flexibility, while the US is not doing anything to pressure the Israeli side to reach a comprehensive settlement.

Al Katatny also criticized the US silence for the Israeli abduction of elected Palestinian parliament members who are still in Israel’s custody including the chairman of the Palestinian Legislative Council Mr. Abdul Aziz al Dowik.

On the Iranian issue, Al Katatny rejected the US threats against Iran under the pretext of confronting its nuclear ambitions. He stressed on any country’s right to run a peaceful nuclear program to produce energy, but reaffirmed that the entire Middle East should be freed from WMDs which means that Israel also must give up its nuclear program and weapons.

On Iraq, al Katatny repeated the call for a phased US withdrawal according to a time table which must leave behind a legitimate Iraqi government capable of preserving the country’s sovergnity and security.

The US congressional delegation, headed by North Carolina Democrat David Price, met today with a group of Egyptian lawmakers including Dr. Fathi Soror, Parliament Speaker, and representatives from the ruling National Democratic Party and a number of independents and opposition members among them was Dr. Saad el Deen al Katatny from the Muslim Brotherhood.

Al Katatny denied reports that a separate meeting will be held exclusively between the congressional delegation and MB parliament members “ we feel that we were able to clearly covey the MB’s views to our American counterparts, therefore there are no needs for separate meetings”, al Katatny added.

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