Kefaya Calls For Event Supporting Right to Travel

Kefaya Calls For Event Supporting Right to Travel

Former coordinator and current activist of the Egyptian opposition movement (Kefaya) George Isaac called on politicians who were denied travel by Egypt”s authorities to convoke a conference for disclosing the violations they suffered due to political repression.

Isaac made special call for scores of Muslim Brotherhood leaders topped by Essam Al-Erian, Gamal Heshmat, and Abdul-Hamid Al-Ghazali who were prevented from travel before.

He added that he was barred from travel on political charges, namely, calling for and participating in last April 6th strike.

Further, Isaac filed a contest before the Administrative Judiciary against being denied travel. This contest will be examined next Tuesday.

Administrative Judiciary endorsed the freedom of travel for tens of those denied travel by the government, most of them are Brotherhood leaders and activists