Kefaya Coordinator, 4 Students Arrested

Kefaya Coordinator, 4 Students Arrested

Security forces in Menoufiyya arrested early this morning Mamduh El-Nidhami, General Coordinator of Kefaya in Menoufiyya and four other college students, whose names are unknown, also from Menoufiyya.


Similarly, security forces in Alexandria detained young activist Tamer Sa’eed in El-Manshiyya Police division the moment this article was being written after a report was filed against him for distributing a statement about April 6.


Furthermore, blogger Abdurrahman Faris will be presented before prosecutors today after Fayyoum police arrested him yesterday while posting flyers calling for participation in the April 6 strike.  He was detained all night in the State Security headquarters in Fayyoum and was not allowed to contact his lawyers or family.


Also, the Alexandria Court of Appeals will be looking today into the appeal against the decision to detain Mohamed Ramadan, lawyer of Tuson families, for 15 days.


Moreover, Kafr El-Sheikh prosecutors will continue investigations with nine activists who had been arrested on the occasion of preparations for the ‘Day of Rage.’


On the other hand, Kafr El-Sheik court had decided to release recently detained Sara and Omniyya on a 1000 LE bail each.