Kefaya detainees interrogated by Galaa Prosecutor; SS threatens more arrests

21 Kefaya detainees are currently undergoing interrogation by the Galaa Prosecutor’s Office.

Initially, the lawyers were not allowed access, but they are now attending the interrogations with our friends.

No lawyers are answering their mobile phones at the moment, coz they are inside. We are still trying to confirm what charges are being levelled against the activists. There are unconfirmed reports that the charges include:

1-Planning an unlicensed demonstration

2-Disturbing public security

3-Agitating against the new constitutional amendments

4-Planning more demos in the future (wow! The ticking bomb scenario is applied to organizing demonstrations now!?)

Down with Mubarak’s State Security

The activists present at the moment in front of the Galaa Prosecution Office are not optimistic, and expect the prosecutor to order a (renewable) 15-day detention period.

More worryingly, activist sources citing lawyers who managed to have a look at the State Security police report filed to the prosecution say that SS have drawn up a list of activists they’ve been monitoring and are threatening to detain if they show up in future demos, including:

George Ishaq, Wael Abbas, Hani Anan, Alaa Seif, Abdel Halim Qandeel, Mohamed el-Sharqawi, Abeer el-Askary, Rasha Azzab, Kamal Khalil, Kamal Abu Eita, and others including at least one who’s been arrested already: Khaled Abdel Hamid

UPDATE: Photographer and friend Amr Abdallah took some photos of the clashes between Kefaya anti-Mubarak demonstrators and the plainclothes police thugs. Click on the pic below to go to his flickr account…

Kefaya activists clash with plainclothes police thugs (Pic by Amr Abdallah)