Kefaya Movement Stages 10 Demos Nationwide

Kefaya Movement decided to organize ten demonstrations in ten governorates in addition to staging demonstrations in popular districts in Cairo, protesting at the central security”s tough treatment against 50 demonstrators affiliated to the movement and arresting them even after the attorney general ordered them released.
The movement plans to organize a demonstration on the day of the referendum on the constitutional amendments and calling on citizens to raise black flags as an indication of grief and outright rejection to the amendments that the movement see as a deathblow to the future of the homeland and an insistence on dictatorship and tyranny.
George Ishak, a member of the coordinating committee in Kefaya Movement, confirmed that the Interior Ministry”s repressive and tough treatment to the demonstration that the movement organized will not prevent it from expressing its rejection to the current political reality.
Ishak considered the tough treatment to the demonstration as an indication that the regimes is weak and panicked when it faces any peaceful popular movement.
Kamal Khalil, a member of the coordinating committee for membership, said that Kefaya will continue doing its national duty of demanding change through demonstrations and sit-ins and that the movement will confront the constitutional amendments that target a hereditary power transition and giving the police state a constitutional façade.
Abdul Halim Kandeel, spokesman for Kefaya Movement, said in a statement to Ikhwanweb that:” despite the scandalous security intervention in the movement demonstrations last Thursday and Tuesday and despite aborting these demonstrations and preventing people from expressing their attitudes rejecting the constitutional amendments, but Kefaya Movement will continue declaring its situations rejecting the constitutional amendments by all legal and legitimate means.
Kandeel pointed out that the movement will organize ten demonstrations in several Egyptian governorates on the day of the referendum on the constitutional amendments scheduled to be held on Monday March 26.

Agenda Of Anti Mubarak”s Constitutional Amendments Demos: