Khairat Al Shater I Didn’t Meet

I haven’t met Eng. Khairat Al Shater, the second deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood group, or the prominent leader, Dr. Essam El-Erian. I haven’t had the honour of getting acquainted with them; but I felt I saw both of them separately during their ordeals and during my dawn prayers for their release and lifting the injustice inflicted on them. 

I wish that every ruler realize that no matter how long their injustice lasts, it will definitely end one day and all the power they have will be gone.

Frankly speaking, I dont understand how a court acquits Eng. Khairat Al Shater and others and then, a few hours later, another arrest warrant is issued to detain them using emergency law and to refer them after that to a military court!!
It is politically paradoxical that this takes place while celebrations are held nationwide to claim that the target of the proposed constitutional amendments is to spread freedoms and to establish the rights of citizenship!!
It is also ironic that this incident takes place while a spy working for Israel is standing trial in a civilian court. I think all of us know the difference between both courts; the military court has no degrees in litigation and consequently no appeal is allowed because its ruling is final and can’t be challenged. According to the constitution,every citizen has the right to appear before a civilian court to ensure the fairness of the trial and so that the case doesn’t take any other political dimensions.
This takes place while we hear government vetted voices claim that the citizen’s rights are sacred and while the civil society institutions call for the rights of citizenship; we didn’t hear from them any positive attitude towards what happened against Al Shater and his thirty co-defendants. Why have these voices, that spoke about human rights and freedoms, kept silent towards Al Shater’s case?!

The charges against this group are the same decades old charges of joining an outlawed group; and because this charge became so silly, they added a new charge that raises more irony and laughter: money laundry!, a charge which can’t be logically accepted, especially after a civilian court acquitted them.
But the rulers of the country weren’t satisfied by this ruling; so, they transferred them to the military court, because they are determined to eradicate this group that rattles their beds; they twisted the arms of the other token opposition parties and the so called big parties which has no real presence in the street and made them support the government.
The real power in the Egyptian street that has a presence in the public opinion is the Muslim Brotherhood group despite all the blatant pressures and crackdowns against it and despite all fierce and unscrupulous campaigns carried out by the government vetted printed and TV media although it has been proved that these campaigns are fruitless.
On the contrary, these unscrupulous campaigns only strenghend the group’s beliefs and adehrence to its principles. The public sympathy and support to them is on the rise despite the security and media campaigns and because the National Democratic Party’s (NDP) power stems from state services, not from the Egyptian people; while the gap between them (the Egyptians and the NDP) is becoming broader every day, leading to this fierce crackdown and severe blow against the MB’s top leaders. This proves, I think, that it is impossible to reform the National Democratic Party that has totally lost its mind and is determined to totally eradicate its political rivals making use of the state bodies that it controls them so as to be the only player on the Egyptian political scene with some fragile token parties whose leaders are full of hatred and spite towards the Muslim Brotherhood group; those old Marxists or, according to fashion of names, the neo-secularists are the best players to perform the roles they are ordered to perform without moving off the course!!
This clearly shows the weakness of the ruling NDP and the sterility inside it; when a ruling party in any country in the world adopts unscrupulous methods against political rivals, including throwing them behind bars, fabricating charges and freezing assets, this means that this ruling party is on the edge of the abyss; it has two options, either to fall or to come back to its mind; which option will the National Democratic Party choose?!
It is very clear that the NDP is still arrogant and doesn’t want to listen to the voice of reason and to have wisdom, not security services. It is still escalating its crackdowns. Days ago, more than ninety MB leaders and members (most of them are top academic social and professional figures) were arrested.
Instead of leaving them among people serve our dear country, the regime arrests them and throws them among criminals and killers!. I do not know whether the regime wants to send a message to Bush who is fighting Islam and describes it as fascist through hitting the Muslim Brotherhood; I only remind the regime of president Gamal Abd An-Nasir when he was on a visit to Soviet Union in 1965 and declared while he was in the stronghold of communism and atheism that he threw the Muslim Brotherhood behind bars, it was a clear message to the communist regime and the response came from a remote place less than two years later, the defeat of 1967!!

*Egyptian writer

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