Khaled Hamza, Ikhwanweb Editor, Awarded Honorary Membership of ACHR

Khaled Hamza, Ikhwanweb Editor, Awarded Honorary Membership of ACHR

Violette Daguerre, President of the Paris-based Arab Commission for Human Rights (ACHR) announced on Thursday that the commission awarded honorary membership to Khaled Hamza, ikhwanweb detained Chief Editor. She asserted that the commission “is honored to have Hamza among its members.”

Daguerre visited Cairo several times over the past year, attempting to monitor sessions of the ongoing military tribunal for 40 Muslim Brotherhood leaders and members. She was banned from attended all sessions. Haytham Manna and AbdulRahim Khammaza, two other ACHR members, were also banned from attending sessions they travelled to attend.

“This is the least we can to honour a man who is now behind bars for his efforts promoting human rights in Egypt,”said Daguerre.
Over the past year, Hamza has worked with Daguerre, Manna, Khammaza and tens of Human Rights activists travelling to monitor tribunal sessions, including Ramsey Clark, former US Attorney General, MP Ivan Lawrence, former Queen’s Counsel, Yvonne Ridley, Award-winning journalist & Human Rights activist, Sameeh Kharais, CEO of Justice International and Amnesty International representative, Anis Qassim and Hassibah Sahrawi, representatives of Amnesty International, Eligah Zoran, Human Rights Watch consultant, Bruce Nestor, Former president of the American National Lawyers Guild, Mahdi Bray, CEO of the US-based MAS Freedom Foundation and famous human rights activist, Ammar Al-Qirbi, UNHRC Envoy, Khurrum B. Wahid, American legal activist, Rosalie P. Jeter Rosalie, Founder and Executive Director of the Muslim Women’s Institute for Research and Development (MWIRD), and Jamilah Sadiq, UNHRC Envoy.
All activists and observers were denied access to the courtroom.
Only a few hours before his arrest on the dawn of February 20th, Hamza had a meeting with Daguerre where they went over several human rights issue including the results of Daguerre’s visits to Egyptian officials where she demanded the release of the detainees standing before a military tribunal. His arrest was condemned by several democracy and human rights organizations and activists.

“I have to admit that I cried for the first time when Hamza was arrested,” added Daguerre. “His arrest stroke me in the heart, and added to the pains I carry due to the deteriorating human rights status in Egypt.”

“We hope Hamza will be released very soon,” she added calls upon readers to sign this online petition calling for the immediate release of Hamza and all political prisoners in Egypt