Khaled Hamza arrested.. the man I knew

Khaled Hamza arrested.. the man I knew

Today I knew that Eng. Khaled Hamza “the editor-in-chief of the official English website of the Muslim Brotherhood” was arrested.

Hamza was arrested from the street and 90 MBs joined him in jail today morning. It seems that this campaign against the MB society is strongly related to the intention of the corrupted Egyptian regimen to besiege the MBs a few days before the sentencing session of the military tribunal to issue a ruling on the yearlong case as well as preventing the MBs candidates from running their election campaigns in the local elections of governorates.

I don”t want to speak about these political issues because all media is talking about it night & day but I want to write about Eng. Khaled, the man that I knew.

I can claim that Eng. Khaled is one of the best, smartest and most important minds I”ve ever met, not only inside the Muslim brotherhood movement but also in the Islamic and political scene in the Arab world as a whole.

I met him a few times before, and I owe him a lot of my knowledge specially “rulers theory” which he taught me.

I met him by chance few hours before being abducted, he welcomed me a lot and gave me a gift. It was the book of Michael moore “Stupid white men”.
Khaled is a very, well-cultured and open minded man, moreover he”s also very descent and gentle.

This Man has got a lot of chronic diseases which are eating into the bodies of Egyptians, however he doesn”t complain about his diseases and thus I don”t know what he got exactly.

Khaled has a number of young sons and a great Syrian wife, I didn”t meet her but I”m sure she”s as much great as him. (Behind every great man a great woman).

Khaled was able, with a very small work team, to reach the whole world and to build and maintain a strong relationships with members of civil community from allover the world. This is not due to anything as far as his culture and open mind.

He deserved to be arrested from the street like criminals because we live under the control of rotten regimen which detains honorable and wise men and leave rein of thieves and criminals.

I have nothing to do but writing about this great man , and pray for him to be free soon in the midstt of his wife and kids.