Khaled Meshaal: Gaza Will Be Netanyahu Election Aspirations Graveyard

Khaled Meshaal: Gaza Will Be Netanyahu Election Aspirations Graveyard

 Khaled Meshaal, head of Hamas’ political bureau, assured that the resistance in the Gaza Strip will put an end to Netanyahu’s election aspirations.

During a press conference at the Egyptian Journalists’ Syndicate Monday, Meshaal pointed that the Israeli Gaza offensive was meant as a message to Israeli people that Netanyahu is a real hawk, to help him win the forthcoming elections.

However, that message arrived at the wrong address, especially because the Israeli PM wanted to test post-revolution Egypt, but new Egypt’s leadership and people gave a quite unexpected answer. They honored and supported their Palestinian brothers and sisters.

He further pointed that occupation forces wanted to try out their weapons and the so-called iron dome, in order to market them and also to reassure Israeli society that Gaza weapons are limited, "but the limited weapons locally-produced in Gaza under siege confounded the enemy.

"Netanyahu declared focus on military targets; but his calculations went haywire; and mindful of the upcoming elections, he rushed on to spill more Palestinian blood, killing innocent children and committing numerous horrific war crimes."

Moreover, Meshaal said that the threat of ground war will not scare Palestinians, stressing that in the past, Netanyahu ordered violent incursions into Gaza without warnings or threats. But today he is just threatening because he knows it would not be a picnic, and that it would kill him politically – forgetting that people who do not fear his heavy weapons, will not fear his threats.

"We do not just want the war to stop; we want our legitimate demands to be met, with a unified political program for all Palestinian stakeholders, based on the right of Palestinians to occupied Jerusalem and the right of return.

"The resistance has a lot at its disposal – popular will, courage and readiness. Those who started the war must stop it, on our terms and our demands – not as Hamas movement, but the people of Gaza as a whole."