Khater: Palestinians crossing into Egypt was popular decision

Khater: Palestinians crossing into Egypt was popular decision

Senior Hamas political leader and member of the Movement”s political bureau Sami Khater affirmed on Monday that the crossing of hundreds of thousands of Palestinian citizens into Egypt was popular decision in reaction to the unjust siege.

“This (the Palestinian crossing into Egypt) was purely popular decision taken in reaction to the intensive economic siege that was imposed on the Palestinian people and killed around 80 Palestinian patients since June of last year”, Khater affirmed in an exclusive statement to the PIC.

He added, “The Israeli oppressive decision of tightening the siege on Gaza Strip didn’t motivate the Arab countries [to take stern and brave decision against the Israeli step], thus prompting the Palestinian people to cross into Egypt in search for medicines, food, and other life necessities”.

He also explained that a delegation from Hamas Movement was scheduled to visit Cairo before, however, he added, the political atmosphere in the region after the US-hosted Annapolis conference and the visit of US president George W. Bush to the region delayed that visit.

But he confirmed that the scheduled visit of Hamas”s delegation to Cairo on Wednesday will go ahead as scheduled, affirming that the latest Egyptian stand sent positive signs to the Palestinian people.

Egyptian president Husni Mubarak had publicly declared that Egypt won”t accept starving the Palestinian people, and called on Hamas and Fatah to start national dialogue to end the political impasse in the Palestinian arena.

But Khater refused to hold Egypt responsible for Gaza, affirming that the Israeli occupation government was and still is the one that is responsible for Gaza being under the Israeli occupation, and that the Israeli responsibility for Gaza would end once the Israeli occupation is ended.

For his part, Fawzi Barhoum, the spokesman of Hamas Movement in Gaza Strip, highlighted that the crossings agreement, which the PA had signed with Israel, was, in general, a security deal that had served Israel”s interests.

“The crossings agreement has ended and folded forever, thus, it is rational to rearrange things at the border point because it is a Palestinian-Egyptian border terminal, away from foreign interference”, Barhoum emphasized.